About Us

Quality Golf Carts for Sale

We provide custom made, high quality golf carts. We have a variety of brand new, cutting edge and environmentally friendly golf carts for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Russia. With every golf carts for sale, First International guarantees low maintenance cost and spare components availability. 

In UAE & Saudi Arabia, First International is the trusted supplier of golf carts. We take pride in ensuring our clients the best & quality golf carts that we can offer.  Pre-Delivery Inspection program (PDI) to provide quality control and to achieve the highest standard of our innovative products with the most efficient service that exceed the expectations of our customers satisfaction.

First International holds huge quantity of spare parts to support and serve its customers in the Gulf area with fast and efficient style.

First International is the exclusive dealer in the Middle East for different kind of electric vehicles from International brands. All our products have limited warranty from date of delivery and we ensure after sales services, spare parts and technical support throughout the life time of the product.


To become a highly respected, world-class trading company with a strong global brands identity that earns the devotion of our customers.


We strive to provide the highest quality products and outstanding service that creates lifelong customers. Anchored by a strong commitment to our values, we form close relation with partners, and together we work consistently to exceed customer’s satisfaction.

Focus on the Company’s reputation for fairness on both intent and potential for prompt service, dependability, integrity, courtesy, quality, productivity & technical competency in creating customer value and providing world class results.

Implement the Company’s concept that all the parts of a system inside-out are interrelated and should work together to achieve the desired output and the whole is primary to insure dependable service & security to those who choose our products

Reinvent the Company’s principals in maintaining stability and balance to diagnose problems and invent appropriate solutions and enact them, to promote developing improved products and new uses for the existing ones.

Synergize the Company’s policies in structuring its simplicity strategy in problem solving and systems thinking by including all complications and obtaining the maximum possible shares of available markets for our products.

Transform and reinstall the Company’s original purpose and spirit to all transactions big or small to create a unique and integrative system for the benefit of all involved.